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The Organizers was established in 1997 and in less than three years the company has made a reputation with various corporate houses, multinational companies . The Organizers has completely focused on organizing almost flawless management of events for its clients. The Organizers has established a name for itself as a corporate events planner in Delhi, India and has organized many conferences, seminars, sales training programs, Incentive Groups Tours to India and Abroad, dealers meets, annual picnics, celebrations, corporate events and adventure trips for its valuable clients both in and outside India.
The most beautiful building in the world. In 1631 the emperor Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal in memory of his wife Mumtaz, who ied in childbirth. The white marble mausoleum at Agra has become the monument of a man's love for a woman.

Shah Jahan came to power in 1622 when he seized the throne from his father, while murdering his brothers to ensure his claim o rule.
He was known as an extravagant and cruel leader. But he redeemed himself by his generosity to his friends and the oor, by his passion in adorning India with some of its most beautiful architecture, and by his devotion to his wife Mumtaz Mahal - "Ornament of the Palace." He had married her when he was 21, when he already had two children by an earlier consort. Mumtaz gave her husband 14 children in eighteen years, and died at the age of 39 during the birth of the final child. Shah Jahan built the Taj Mahal as a monument to her memory and her fertility, but then relapsed into a life of scandalous behavior. This tomb was only one of hundreds of beautiful buildings that Shah Jahan erected, mostly at Agra and in the new Dehli that came into being under his planning.
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